It’s in the details.

For mechanical contractors, we will provide a clash free model by working directly with the other trades involved in the project.  Once the model is approved for installation, we will provide installation drawings in pdf format that are created with the installing technician in mind.  
For general contractors, we manage the process of coordinating trades’ models and providing a model that both fits and works well for the building owner.

3D Design

3D design, the way you want it. We use your title block and provide
drawings with the scale and reference locations you need to install your piping and ductwork seemlessly. If you have a “look” from a previous project that you want to standardize, we will match it.

3D Coordination

Let us manage the process of gathering models from all trades involved in your project and orchestrating them into an integrated design that’s free of interference clashes and thoughtfully structured for ease of access and maintenance.


The real money is made by building your systems in your shop and then installing them in the field.  Productivity is always higher in an environment that is out of the weather and all the tools needed are always at hand.  We progress naturally from your 3D design to create individual pipe spools complete with a bill of material and ready for fabrication.


When you start a project, and you’ve selected the equipment that is to be modeled and included, how much time do you spend chasing down or building the families that represent this equipment?  Send us cut sheets on your equipment and let us know what information you want available to access or schedule, and we will build families with accurate geometrical shapes, pipe and duct connectors, clearance zones, and schedulable parameters, ready to place in your project.