Revit 3D Ceiling Grid

Why does Navisworks not show Revit ceiling grids?  When you append a nwc file from the architect, the ceiling typically shows up as a solid plane.  It has a thickness, but not much else.  There is no grid. People who participate in the 3D coordination process want to see the ceiling grid.  The grid appears… Continue reading Revit 3D Ceiling Grid

Navisworks – An Introduction

It’s been almost a decade, but I remember my introduction to Navisworks.  Like most people, I envisioned it having much more power than it does.  After all, it can “append” files from many different platforms.  For example, files from AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor, Microstation can be assembled in Navisworks. Once everything is assembled, you can move… Continue reading Navisworks – An Introduction

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